Since Pattaya's development by U.S. soldiers in the mid 1960s and its speedy alteration from an unidentified tired fishing village to Asia's trendiest tourist vacation destination for all fun seekers and night owls. Pattaya has generally been notorious for its hectic nightlife and for it's pervasive "sex-industry". Despite the fact that Funtown has cleaned up it's image tremendously in recent years and is well on its way to create itself as a multi-structured beach holiday resort, appropriate for tourists of all ages and from all walks of life. However Pattaya's in-famous night-life and leisure industry with it's hundreds of beer bars,erotic GoGo bars, fancy nightclubs and discos, together with a plethora of thousands of sexy beer bar girls, hot GoGo dancers and exotic ladyboys, these are still the main reasons why people come here in their droves.
Soi Six or Soi Yodsak as it was previously named is one of the most vibrant and well known streets in Pattaya today. It has a terrific selection of bars which are open as early as 01.00 pm. with most of them closing down at 01.00 am. It is not a totally vehicle free street however, and avoiding traffic can be irritating, but taking a walk here during the day-time can be a totally cool experience. There are not only bars on Soi Six but there are also a few good restaurants, a dive centre and a deep sea fishing shop.