Butterfly Bar

Butterfly Bar is situated on the ever effervescent and crazy Soi Six Pattaya. Butterfly Bar has been delighting and engaging patrons of Soi Six Pattaya for years now. With very competitive drinks prices and a bevy of gorgeous Thai girls, Butterfly Bar is one of the top rated stops along Soi Six.

Butterfly adheres to the tried and tested Soi Six method, which has been operating in this piece of town for years. Butterfly Bar is a single unit bar, with a big recognizable sign, while the open front is flanked by the Butterfly Bar girls, all shouting and hollering for your particular attention.

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As with all Soi Six bars when in Pattaya, the girls are not afraid to take issues into their own hands and positively pursue you down the street and in some cases even going as far as hauling you towards their bar, however it’s not to everyone’s taste but hey, when in Rome it’s Soi Six after all.

Once you’re in and sitting down, the ever mindful girls at Butterfly Bar will tend to you with the upmost attention. As soon as your beer or cocktail, is looking a bit on the empty side it is refilled and refreshed. So if you take a particular liking to one of the girls she is more than happy to come and sit with you, chat or more………making your day or night more pleasurable.

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