Queen Victoria Inn

Situated on an oasis in a sea of madness that is Soi Six. The Queen Victoria is not only a Hotel, it is also a place to eat where authentic British “grub” as well as Thai dishes are on offer to satisfy all manner of appetites. From mash and mince, banger’s and mash, juicy steaks cooked how you like them as well as authentic Thai dishes. With it’s large extensive menu you will never be spoiled for choice, as there is plenty to choose from. Having eaten there myself on many occasions I can vouch for the food, not just on how it tastes, but also the way it is cooked and prepared by the attentive kitchen staff. The meals themselves are also visually appealing as they are whisked away to your table by the ever attentive servers and I was always impressed by the attention to detail in the way it is presented. They also have daily specials which are available every day.

As well as great food, the Queen Vic has a wide selection of draft beers and spirits to choose from such as draught Stofford Press cider, stout, lagers all served cold to whet the thirst of anyone who drinks them. With it’s great selection comes value for money as all drink prices compare competitively with other restaurants and there is never a dull moment as you can always have a laugh with the girls behind the bar.



But having said all this I must mention the Sunday carvery which is in my mind the best in Pattaya in which it is an all you can eat three course Sunday lunch in which you have choices of beef, chicken, ham and turkey. Also served are your traditional “veggies” like roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, brussel sprouts and turnip. All can be smothered with a rich homemade gravy which makes it all the better.


My final thoughts are these, if you want a respite and miss the good old comforts of home then come eat at the Queen Victoria Inn as you are always welcome. The food is great, the beers and spirits are fantastic and the chat and friendship received by the warm Thai staff is a joy to behold

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