Soi Six Bar Reviews

Nestled between Beach Rd and Second Rd in the heart of central Pattaya, lies one of Fun Town’s most infamous and notorious streets-Soi Six. Which most of us single guys know, it is the street in which anything go’s,  whether you want a three some with a couple of nubile young minxes, or you may prefer the older more experienced lady . If you want an encounter of the third kind, then you can find a wide selection of katoeys or ladyboys, who can be quite convincing and some are absolutely stunning.

Typically Soi Six is known for it’s short-time bars which are really inside bars with darkish glass fronts, often with catchy names and always a number of girls in sexy outfits hanging about outdoors, seeking to drag customers in off the street as they walk by. As the name suggests, short-time bars present short-time sexual services, normally for up to one hour or more. While the regular bar enterprise usually takes place on the ground floor which includes many sexy ladies to choose from while the upper floors offer basic guest rooms with a shared shower and toilet where you can enjoy oneself discretely in the companionship of the lady of your preference. Although some of these bars are much more bar fine driven than “standard” beer bars, in most cases clients who just want to have a beverage, or have fun with the often very friendly girls without the intent of having to pay a bar fine, are still made welcome.



In that regard, these short time bars can be compared to little cat houses and ladies performing here also appear to be less bashful and more hands on than ladies in traditional beer bars. Most of the ladies won’t mind if you fondle them a tiny bit in the typically dark lighted bars, and some may even offer you some out of the ordinary extras in one of the under the radar sofa corners that are common for the insides of short-time bars in Pattaya. Most short-time bar girls, as compared to bar girls operating in regular bars, also appear to be a lot more open-minded when it comes to somewhat unusual sexual habits, i.e oral and anal sex.


Quicky bar

Payment for the bar fines in these short time bars are typically 300 Baht and usually include the room rate fee for up to one hour. Most short-time ladies will be content to receive 700-1,000 Baht for sexual services provided but 700 Baht seems to be the normal rate in most cases, so it’s approximately 1,000-1,300 Baht, room and girl all in. If you want to take out a lady from a short time bar and take her back to your motel room as an alternative to using the in-house amenities, or have a preference for long time services, the bar fine and the cash required by the girl may be significantly greater.




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